Calling all meat lovers!

Calling all meat lovers! It’s the weekend! Come and sample our perfect, aged Prime Rib Special only available from 4pm each Friday and Saturday. Our slow roasted Prime Rib is one of the most succulent cuts of meat available, it has a mellow taste and is juicy and tender. It is available in three different sizes, eight ounce – $18, 12 ounce – $26 or 16 ounce – $32. This popular weekend special goes very quickly and comes accompanied by a small salad and a choice of sides, which include coleslaw, French fries, seasonal vegetables or mac ‘n’ cheese.

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we want to give you a personal invitation to visit us here at Tamiami Tap.

Whether you live here in the Sarasota, FL area or you have the opportunity to visit our beautiful area on vacation, it’s great to have a place that you can trust to provide you with a wonderful meal. If you’re searching for a new favorite, we want to give you a personal invitation to visit us here at Tamiami Tap.

Our restaurant brings together everything that you love about living a Florida lifestyle: a casual environment, plenty of delicious seafood and other options, and plenty of coastal flair. Of course, we also offer a variety of refreshing beverages on tap. Tamiami Tap is the perfect place to gather for a meal with friends or just enjoy a relaxing drink after a busy day at work.

We believe in starting off the day right here at Tamiami Tap, and that’s why brunch is one of our most popular options. From healthful avocado toast to eggs made to order, our temping brunch menu offers something for everyone. You won’t find a better way to begin your day than by relaxing with delicious

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When visitors to our gorgeous Florida Gulf Coast area think of places to go for brunch that offer high-quality food

When visitors to our gorgeous Florida Gulf Coast area think of places to go for brunch that offer high-quality food, they often first consider Sarasota’s many restaurants. We want visitors and even locals to know that they can find restaurant-quality main dishes and sides in a friendly, sit-down atmosphere at Tamiami Tap as well.

For brunch, we offer a wide range of options. Our main dishes include breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, avocado toast and customizable skillet meals. Sides include crispy potatoes, breakfast sausage, English muffin, bacon, croissant and a fruit cup.

To start the day with a splash, consider our $15 Brunch Special! Enjoy any of our meals and sides with bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Who says that you can’t start your own personal happy hour earlier in the day?

If you merely hope to quench your thirst, we offer sweet cocktails made with fresh juices, cold frothy local beers on tap, brand name canned and bottled beers and a wide selection of sparkling ro

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Keep a Home’s Air Cleaner with an Air Purifier

If you want a cold beverage after walking around under the hot Florida sun, stop by Tamiami Tap in downtown Sarasota for a beer. Our draft beers with a hint of citrus include Darwin Circa 1926 Wheat and 3 Daughters Beach Blonde.

Michelob Ultra, Yuengling and Bud Light are some of our domestic draft beers. You can also order these domestic beers in bottles or cans.

We offer a variety of beers in bottles and cans. Try Heineken, Dos Equis or Stella Artois if you like lager. If you prefer pale ale, you can order Sam Adams.

Come and see us for happy hour or dinner. We also offer plenty of food to go with our beer.

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Tamiami Tap is a fantastic place that offers an impressive list of drinks and food.

Tamiami Tap is a fantastic place that offers an impressive list of drinks and food. Here, you’ll find delicious foods for everyone, including vegetarians. These are some of the items you’ll find at Tamiami Tap:

On the food menu, you’ll find a variety of sandwich platters that include French fries or coleslaw, and you can order these and other sides separately if you like. You’ll find coconut shrimp and hummus. Different types of salads are also on the menu. For desert, there’s tasty ice cream. Specials are available, too, and they can include ribs, salad, and a side dish.

Beverages on the bar menu include a variety of red and white wines. Beer choices include Stella Artois, St. Pauli Girl, Budweiser, and others. Angry Orchard is also available. For those who prefer cocktails, there’s the Old Fashioned, the Margarita, and other favorites. On Fridays, Tamiami Tap offers you the Rose´ Soiree, which lets you pick a mix of different rose´ wines.

Tamiami Tap is located at 71

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While you’re in Sarasota, stop by Tamiami Tap

While you’re in Sarasota, stop by Tamiami Tap to enjoy a refreshing glass of craft beer. We serve the coldest beers in the area and offer some of the best flavors. The environment is warm and welcoming so that you can enjoy drinking the craft beer that you select. There is an outdoor area where you can enjoy your drink while viewing the beauty of the city streets. Many of the beers that we offer are from local breweries as we enjoy supporting people who call Sarasota home. Aside from craft beers, we also serve wines and a variety of cocktails.

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When you live in Southwest Florida, you know that there are some amazing craft beers out there. In fact, many are made locally in and around Sarasota. At Tamiami Tap, you’re able to explore many of these new craft beers.

We offer a seasonal rotation of draft beers. Many of these have local flavors, including grapefruit and orange.

From ales to IPAs to wheat beers and everything in between, you can find some amazing beers to partake in.

You’re also able to pair the beers with some of the delicious food that is served at Tamiami Tap. you can find all sorts of fun starters (like deviled eggs and burrata as well as salads, sandwiches, and a prime rib special that’s only available Friday and Saturday nights.

With new things on tap regularly, you can become quite the beer expert by visiting us at Tamiami Tap.

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Finding a new and comfortable place in Sarasota to relax with friends over a cold draft, just got easier. Tamiami Tap opened in December 2018, and this exciting, new coastal bar and grill on South Osprey offers your favorite draft beers, Michelob Ultra and Budweiser Light, but they also have much more.

To keep the conversation fun and interesting, Tamiami Tap lives up to the name. We also offer unique and prize-winning brews like Stella Artois, Goose Island IPA, Motor Works Pulp Friction, Coppertail Unholy, Funky Buddha Floridian Wheat, Big Top Hawian Lion, Yeungling, Cigar City Jai Lai, Darwin circa 1926 Tangerine Wheat plus a wide selection of imported bottled beers for your pleasure.

So, whether you come in for a quick bite during the day, after work or simply to relax and enjoy, Tamiami Tap has a stellar draft, wine special and a specialty cocktail for everyone!

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